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Good Work Standard

London-based accreditation that recognizes employers who meet certain criteria related to fair pay, conditions, and treatment of employees.

Country: UK

Typical Timescale: Unknown

Sectors: Unspecified

Typical Cost: Unknown

Good Work Standard

Our team says...

After carefully reviewing the "Good Work Standard" Accreditation, we believe that obtaining this accreditation will indeed enhance your company's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. This London-based accreditation recognizes employers who meet specific criteria related to fair pay, conditions, and treatment of employees.

By obtaining the "Good Work Standard" Accreditation, your company will demonstrate its commitment to creating a fair and inclusive work environment. This will not only improve your reputation among potential employees but also attract a more diverse pool of candidates. Moreover, companies with this accreditation are given priority in the Diverse Talent app, allowing you to access and connect with a wider range of diverse candidates through our algorithm.

The "Good Work Standard" Accreditation serves as a valuable stamp of approval, showcasing your dedication to DEI principles and practices. This recognition can enhance your employer brand and give you a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, it highlights your commitment to fair pay, conditions, and treatment of employees, which are crucial components of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

In summary, obtaining the "Good Work Standard" Accreditation can significantly improve your company's DEI efforts by attracting diverse talent, enhancing your employer brand, and showcasing your commitment to fair work practices. We highly recommend pursuing this accreditation to bolster your DEI initiatives and strengthen your position as an inclusive employer.
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