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The world of work has been changing, but once Covid19 arrived on our shores and the UK & Ireland went into lockdown, many workplaces were catapulted into the “unknown” and working from home was no longer a reserved benefit, it was an absolute necessity.

Covid19 doesn’t care if you are now working from your kitchen table or having to host Zoom calls between home-school classes and barking dogs, we all must do what we can to protect one another.

Now at 6 months into the pandemic, we are slowly starting to see some of the shining lights to come out of this tragic darkness. Not every company has been able to adapt, but we are seeing more evidence that engaging with employees and helping their well-being is paramount, this is a theme we hope will only continue and evolve.

We have seen some fantastic results in recruitment and business growth, especially in Northern Ireland. Tech jobs are as strong as ever, companies who have adapted to a “work from anywhere” approach can now source great talent from wider afield, and further investment from FDI’s choosing Belfast for their operations.

It’s been a great time to look at the entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland, many of us will know someone who has taken this time to build their own company, from Cheese Platters, Online Yoga Classes and to Community Services, these small businesses really shows that there is a market from entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland.

Diverse Talent is no different, although we are spearheaded by experienced recruiters, our company was born out of the pandemic. We decided that now, more than ever was a need for our type of recruitment and support.

We want to see companies continue to grow throughout the pandemic, we want people to still be passionate about their careers and most importantly, we want the business community to thrive and leave this pandemic on a stronger footing than when they entered.

Our response is simple and can be effective, we are reducing all our costs as best as possible so that we can pass on savings to our clients.

This will allow for companies to expand their teams and recruitment budget, every client who joins us until April 5th 2021 will enjoy a fair fee for all recruitment – our lowest fee of 10%.

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