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Connecting Diverse Talent to Diverse Employers

Connect with job seekers that want to work for ethical employers. Showcase your DE&I commitments, company culture and attract talent to your organisation.

Our platform allows you to manage applications, search profiles, engage with the community and be visible as a good employer to work for.


Our state-of-the-art bias checker is designed to help reduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process. It utilizes innovative technology to detect and help remove bias from job postings, company descriptions, resumes, and more. Use our bias checker to ensure that your recruitment process is fair and equitable.

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 Four Simple Steps 

Diverse Talent is the perfect resource for your business to quickly source and connect with the right candidates. Register your business, post a job, talk to our team, and connect with candidates that best match your businesses’ unique needs.

Create a free account


Creating an account is free and easy. Just add details about you company and you are ready to post your first job.

Free Job Posting


Your first posting is free! We believe in transparency at all levels; you should be able to "try before you buy"

Talk to our recruiters


We will reach out to you to see if you need help with the platform or you would like us to manage your applications.

Upgrade for more features


If you need more posts or want to use any of the advanced features, an upgrade path is available.

 Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is your secret weapon to boost visibility, reach, and showcase your commitment to diversity.


We use JSON-LD which is widely used in structuring data for SEO purposes. It provides a way to help search engines understand the content of a page and its context.

Automatic Metadata Creation

This tool leverages artificial intelligence to auto-generate precise and relevant meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for your company's profile and job pages.

Automated Job Posting

This revolutionary functionality allows businesses to simplify their hiring process by automating the job posting across multiple platforms.

 Create Job Posts Quicker 



Import an existing job description file or type some summary details to create a job post. 

Our smart system pulls information from your company profile, sparing you entering details each time thereby helping to optimize your job descriptions and offers suggestions to improve your listing. 



Experience accelerated hiring as we populate your job postings with accurate role descriptions and key skills..

 Our intelligent tools employ advanced algorithms to foster inclusive, unbiased job descriptions, broadening your talent pool and promoting equal opportunities while embracing a truly inclusive hiring approach.



Our advanced job portal is perfect for seamless applications. Candidates use pre-filled profiles to apply directly through the app, ensuring speed and simplicity.

Or, you can direct applicants to your external hiring site with a job post link. This flexibility ensures a smooth talent acquisition journey, aligning with your preferred hiring process.

Whatever your next move...
Make it diverse.

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