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Search for your next job with verified* inclusive employers. Keep your job search anonymous, ask employers anything before applying and use a suite tools to build your CV, get Career Advice and Search Employers Values.

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DiverseTalent.ai worked alongside 1000's of job seekers, 100's of employers and industry specialists to create the next generation of recruitment software.

Unlock your potential and get the job you want

Find employers that meet your values and offer great careers

Intuitive job matching based on your skills, salary, values like LGBTQA+ or wanted accreditation like Living Wage Employer
Message Employers
Got a question for a potential employer? You can ask them anything you need to know before applying

Job Searching Made Easy

Control your job search all in one place, with your candidate dashboard

Custom CVs
AI assistant will help you build your CV in seconds. Just pick your template and tell the bot what job you want.
Protect Your Identity
Only when you're ready to apply for a job, you can choose to share your information with potential employers.
Search Employer Values
From B Corp to Stonewall, you can check what accreditation or values each DiverseTalent Verified employer has.

No Bias, Just Good Jobs

We help employers remove their unconscious bias so that every job applicant is given a fair opportunity. We're active in communities to ensure DiverseTalent.ai supports every demographic.

CV Templates

Search Employers Values

Do you look at employers' Diversity & Inclusion commitments?

With 100+ accreditations available, you can match with employers that meet your values.



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? Contact hello@diversetalent.careers

How do you know if Employers are inclusive?

Before any employer is given access to DiverseTalent.ai they have to agree to our Diversity Declaration, kind of like Terms & Conditions. Here they have to provide evidence of their DE&I commitments and/or agree to our inclusive recruitment process.

We routinely engage with employers to check the information they've provided us with, such as if they have an accreditation we can check if this is true or not.

Does it cost to use DiverseTalent.ai?

NO. Job seekers will always be able to use DiverseTalent.ai for free.

Employers can choose a package best suited to their budgets.

Do you use AI technology?

Yes. We've built our own AI tools like the CV Generator, Career Advisor and Bias Checker (for employers).


I need help setting up my account

No problem, we have human recruitment specialists too! Contact hello@diversetalent.ai and someone will be in touch.

How can an employer sign-up?

Click sign-up above and choose which type of employer account you'd like.

Please note, we do allow recruitment agencies to join but your jobs will always be shown as "Agency"

More about DiverseTalent.ai

Our mission is to ensure workplaces are inclusive and employers are legally compliant so that workplace discrimination decreases and diversity increases. Our vision is that the future of work is a fair and equitable environment for both employers and job seekers. 

For more information contact our team:  hello@diversetalent.ai 

Are you an Employer?

We want to reduce your unconscious bias and have built you a suite of tools and dashboards to control your recruitment process.


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