Build Your New CV

Quickly build your AI-assisted profile, apply for jobs with a single click or download your beautiful CV to print and share.

Diverse Talent allows users to upload their own CV & report templates.

Check out our template libraries for some inspiration or create your own from scratch using your favorite document editor.

Either download and amend an existing template from our template library OR create your very own using your favorite document editor.

When you are ready to start building your template, the instructions can be found here.

3-Step Process to Get Started

Learn How it Works in Three Simple Steps - Here's How
Quickly sign up for the app using either your Google or email account and be up and running in seconds.
Click Build CV
Just follow our simple setup wizard and choose which CV template your like
Download your CV in Word or PDF format.

Lot's of templates and lots of help

You're not on your own with the CV Builder. Our Career Advisor is with you every step of the way, just tell it your experience and the job you want, and the bot will do the rest.

You can choose a template or upload your existing CV Template to modify on word or PDF
Edit at anytime
Your CV or Profile is always stored on your dashboard, so you can make edicts anytime you need to.

Beat the Bots with our intelligence

Did you know many companies use automated screening tools to automatically reject applications based on keywords?

Our AI intelligence undertsands what employers look for in a CV and will suggest which areas to improve
Goodbye spelling mistakes
It seems obvious, but spelling and grammar is very important in your CV. We've got you covered.
Offline Capabilities
If you can't find a job you like on DiverseTalent.ai, you can always download your CV and apply to a job a different way

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