Empowering Diversity in Tech: Exploring the Tech Talent Charter

The Tech Talent Charter is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving diversity and inclusion in the UK tech sector. It was founded in 2015 with a simple but powerful mission: to ensure that the UK tech workforce reflects the diverse nature of the population by tackling the underrepresentation of women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and disabled people in tech roles.

Membership is free due to the generosity of the Principal Partners and their work builds upon the contributions of the Signatories. 

Statistics and SignatoriesūüĒĘ

Since its inception, the Tech Talent Charter has gained significant momentum, with hundreds of companies across the UK signing up to commit to its principles and goals. As of 2024, the TTC boasts 821 signatories, ranging from small startups to multinational corporations. These signatories represent a diverse cross-section of the tech industry, including companies in software development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and beyond.

Diversity in Tech report
The report offers invaluable insights into diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. Through comprehensive data analysis, it highlights current trends, challenges, and opportunities, empowering organizations to drive meaningful change and foster more inclusive workplaces. A must-read for anyone passionate about diversity in tech!

D&I Directory 

An open-source catalogue of resources, consultants and case studies to support companies to increase inclusion and diversity in their tech teams. 

Some of the TTC Signatories:

Benefits to Signatories:

  1. Innovation and Creativity: Diverse teams are more innovative and creative, bringing a wider range of perspectives and ideas to the table. By embracing diversity through the TTC, companies can develop products and services that better meet the needs of their diverse customer base.

  2. Better Problem-Solving: Diverse teams are better equipped to tackle complex problems and find creative solutions. By fostering an inclusive culture through the TTC, companies can improve their problem-solving capabilities, leading to better outcomes for customers.

  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers want to do business with companies that value diversity and inclusion. By publicly committing to diversity through the TTC, companies can enhance their brand reputation and attract more customers who share their values.

  4. Increased Trust and Loyalty: Customers are more likely to trust and remain loyal to companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion. By demonstrating their commitment to diversity through the TTC, companies can build stronger relationships with their customers and earn their long-term loyalty.

  5. Access to DiverseTalent.ai: By signing up for the TTC, companies gain pre-approved access for a FREE employer account at www.diversetalent.ai,  This allows them to recruit the best and brightest minds from all backgrounds, ensuring that their workforce reflects the diverse needs of their customer base.

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Tech Talent Charter on DiverseTalent

Signatories of the Tech Talent Charter can include the logo on their Company Profile and showcase to job seekers that your are committed to Diverse & Inclusive workplaces.